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The kitchen, the heart of your house, is the hub where you enjoy culinary creativity and create unforgettable memories. But imagine you’re based in Canada, and your kitchen has limited space. It’s almost impossible to keep your small kitchen tidy and free from clutter. Don’t worry, we’ve solutions for this. Cabinext designs aesthetic kitchen cabinets in Canada to give you comfortable, practical storage options for your utensils.

In this blog, we’ll explore some storage solutions for your kitchen in Canada. These solutions are easy to use and help transform your kitchen into a clutter-free and efficient zone.

Pull-Out Pantry Shelves: Your Pantry on Demand

When you host family gatherings, you also find yourself constantly searching for anything in your wholly messed-up small kitchen. The snap-in pantry shelves perform all these beautiful tasks: every item is reachable, neat, and clean while you save time finding it. A new era has arrived, and the days of unidentified cans and rotting foods you can’t even locate, let alone use, in your cabinet are numbered.

At Cabinext, we are passionate about personalized pull-out pantry arrangements to match your kitchen interior. We also strive to effectively use sink spaces in your kitchen, which are often unused due to hard corners.

Vertical Dividers: Divide and Conquer Clutter

Make complete use of your cupboard space by installing vertical separators. The secret killer of unorganized stacks of cutting boards, pans, and baskets. Through the horizontal separation of the cabinets, you will have a compartment for each item inside the cabinet. As a result, the place becomes cleaner, and the kitchen starts working correctly.

Our professionals design and implement custom cabinets in Vancouver tailored to the dimensions of each customer’s cabinet. We consider our client’s categorizing criteria above everything else. This way, they can eliminate clutter once and for all.

Under-Cabinet Drawers: Hidden Gems of Storage

Please remember that the warehouse under the upper cabinets also offers equal space. The under-shelf drawers with internal cabinets allow you to make the most of what has otherwise only been squandered space, bringing more order to your counter.

Ideally, the under-cabinet drawer stores spices, utensils, and small appliances such as blenders, can openers, and hand mixers. It allows easy access to these items, which are often needed in your kitchen, without occupying counter space. We design custom-built drawers that blend aesthetics and practicality into your cabinet design for an appealing kitchen setup.

Overhead Pot Racks: Elevate Your Storage Game

Maximize the storage in your space with the overhead pot racks herein. These stylish and functional storage solutions keep your pots and pans dangling right there for you to grab while also saving little time for other essential things.

Cabinext can manufacture a made-to-order pot rack and the best kitchen cabinets in Canada for you. The rack will comply with your kitchen’s aesthetics and utilities.


Today, designing a Canadian kitchen stylishly and more functionally is easier than ever because of the different storage solutions that Cabinext has for consumers. Whether you prefer pull-out pantry storage, lower cabinets with drawers, or higher racks that slide out, we provide a storage solution to suit every space and style.
Let’s wave goodbye to clutter and paint a kitchen that works at least as hard as you do. Now, make Cabinext your go-to source for designing custom cabinets in Vancouver and see your kitchen storage potential skyrocket.