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About Us​

We are an incredibly experienced team of artisans, and when you work with us, you can expect to work with highly skilled professionals in the fields of millwork, construction, and contracting. The Burnaby facility of Cabinext can create and manufacture a wide range of projects, including cabinetry and storage solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements. In our factory, we do much more than merely produce boxes; we design, precision cut, and expertly finish a wide range of products, including kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, bathroom cabinets, and storage units.

Accessible Expertise in Professional Services

All of our showrooms have in-house interior designers to seamlessly translate your ideas into an aesthetically pleasing reality.
Throughout the year, we cater to a large number of customers, from our Lower Mainland location to all over Canada, and we also fulfill orders from outside British Columbia.